My rating: 8 out of 10 stars
Smashbomb rating: 9.1 with 49 ratings (as of 11/26/18)

I recently discovered Smashbomb. It’s similar to Goodreads but you can review more than books. Movies, apps, TV shows, music, video games, tabletop games, podcasts, and tech are reviewed also.

You can access Smashbomb by downloading the app or by going to

You can easily import your ratings and/or reviews from Goodreads. I had difficulty importing my ratings from IMDb. When I figure out what I’m doing wrong I’ll write a blog post to explain.

You earn badges and can be awarded KP, kudos points.

Users can award you KP because of your review or “for submitting high quality content”. The amount of daily KP you are rewarded is based on your KP score. The more KP you earn, the more influential you become.

“Some badges are earned based on kudos points (KP) awarded by other users, and others are awarded by Smashbomb directly.” As of 11/27/18, approximately 90 badges are offered. “Higher level badges are a sign of authority and trust, which will result in increased exposure and more followers.”

I like the KP system, the badge system, and the concept of being able to go to one place for all of the reviews offered.

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