The Happiness Diary: The Practice of Finding and Savoring Things to Be Joyful About by Barbara Ann Kipfer

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Goodreads rating: 4.62 with 13 ratings (as of 3/17/2019)

The Happiness Diaries offers practical advice and exercises for cultivating a happiness practice. Filled with stories, lists, thought-provoking questions, and whimsical illustrations, you will learn tangible ways to capture and record happy moments based on your own style.

Featuring beautiful illustrations, this inspiring book presents prompts and exercises that draw upon writing, list-making, and charts that encourage reflection on what makes you truly happy. By doing the exercises, you’ll get a personalized plan for cultivating mindfulness, living each day in the present moment, and finding joy in life’s everyday events.  …more

200 Word Review

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.

Everyone, including me, can use some more happiness in their lives so I requested to read The Happiness Diary: The Practice of Finding and Savoring Things to Be Joyful About by Barbara Ann Kipfer.

The Diary is not a book to read in one sitting. It is a journal in which you are given different activities to improve your happiness. Some are reflective exercises. Other suggest an journal prompt to complete then review after a specific time period – days, weeks, months, or more. Rereading your entry allows you to see how your life, goals, and happiness have changed during that time period.

It offers different ways to help express your happiness. It encourages you to try all of the techniques to find which one or ones are preferable to you.

One of the entries I have been doing for years. For homework for a Positive Psychology class, you needed to think of 3 good things that happened that day. It is a great exercise.

One of my favorite entries is the Newness Challenge. It suggests you try something new every day for a month. I have been trying to learn something every month for years. It is challenging but fun.

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Genre: Health, Mind & Body, Self-Help
Print Length: 160 pages
ISBN: 1592338585
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Publication Date: March 12, 2019

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